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That Make Your Website Slow?

Here are the top reasons that make your website slow:


Why is the web speed slow, SEO rankings Decrease?

Google has been using page speed as a ranking factor since 2010 . And in 2018, Google has increased the importance for updates Pagespeed . Website speed affects user experience and conversion rates.

Reduced User Experience

Page experience is the top factor that Google prioritizes important with user experience. Slow Pagespeed page speed leads to reduced Chrome User Experience (CrUX), increased bounce rate, and decreased session time. SEO ranking drops

Core Web Vitals Poor

Core Web Vitals is the next official Google ranking factor to be updated in 2020, which is a collection of Website Essentials Indicators that have 3 metrics LCP, FID and CLS that measure your website's performance. This metric is slow, the user experience is poor. SEO ranking drops

Google Search Console Error

Search Console is the SEO optimization platform for your website. Search Console Update Site Essentials metric fails if LCP, FID, and CLS are slow. Your Pagespeed Insights speed score is not improving. SEO ranking drops

Google Hard to Crawl

Google has a complex algorithm to determine the optimal crawl rate for a website. The web load speed is slow, it is difficult for googlebot to crawl. SEO ranking drops

Website Ranking Factor

Google has used Pagespeed as an SEO ranking factor, updated in 2018, and User Experience (CrUX) is an official ranking factor. There is no better path than optimizing the User Experience of your website.

Google Ads Advertising Expensive

Mobile speed score and user experience directly affect ad quality score. Your ad bid will be more expensive than optimized websites


Optimize & Speed ​​Up WordPress Website

Page speed affects virtually every aspect of your website, from user experience to order conversions, SEO ranking optimization, and Google ads.

Fast Web Loading Speed
PageSpeed ​​Insights > 90-100
Increase Google SEO Ranking
Save Google Ads Costs


Optimize & Speed ​​Up WordPress Website

There are too many consequences and statistics if your website loads more than 3 seconds, 80% of customers will leave , 70% of mobile pages take 5 seconds to load above the screen content, more than 7 seconds to load content. remaining content. The benefits of website optimization

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Fast Loading Speed

After implementing our Wp2faster optimization techniques, the actual website loading speed reached <3 seconds. Reduced bounce rate , increased user experience and improved SEO rankings.

Pagespeed Insights (90-100)

Google has always taken care of Speed ​​and User Experience (CrUX), they have released the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool to measure your Core Web Vitals. After optimization, the Pagespeed index reached 90-100 (fast LCP, FID and CLS). Improved SEO rankings

Mobile Friendly

Websites that are not compatible with all screen interfaces will be underestimated and even penalized by Google. In fact, up to 50% of websites in Vietnam do not meet mobile-friendly standards.

User Experience Passed

Optimizing Core Web Vitals (Site Essentials) helps you improve your site experience and increase Chrome User Experience (CrUX). Improved SEO rankings.

Improved SEO Ranking

Pagespeed and User Experience (CrUX) are important factors that directly affect Google SEO ranking. After optimization, your Website Essentials Index reaches. Improved SEO rankings

Google Ads Optimization

Mobile speed score and user experience directly affect ad quality score. Your ad bids will be cheaper than non-optimized websites.


What do we do


• Find out the cause of the delay
• Analyze the problems you are experiencing
• Quotations for customers
• Summary of login information


• Secure data backup
• Perform error correction
• Turn off redundant features
• Remove viruses and delete junk files


• Optimizing WordPress
• Optimizing HTML
• Optimizing CSS
• Optimizing JS
• Optimizing WebP images

Even Faster

• Cache Optimization
• CDN Optimization
• Dedicated Server Cache
• WordPress Maintenance
• PHP7 Upgrade


After Website Optimization

Google PageSpeed ​​is Google’s best website performance, quality score, speed and user experience assessment tool. Mobile Friendly is a Google algorithm that ranks mobile search results.

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